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Grocery Innovations Show 2013

We’re always on the lookout for nutrition trends and new products. From water, protein tea and baobab fruit smoothies to enriched flours and ethnic snacks, here are a few highlights we noticed from this year’s Grocery Innovations show.

Water. With an increasing trend on healthy hydration, a couple of Canadian products caught our eye. Seva Maple Water, a slightly sweet tasting water is sourced from Quebec’s sugar maple trees. One cup (250 mL) contains 25 calories, 30 mg sodium and 5 g sugar. Happy Water, awarded among this year’s top ten innovative products, is a blend of natural spring water and mineral waters from British Columbia. In a two-cup (500 mL) serving, the water offers 0 calories, 15 mg sodium and 0.1 ppm of lithium, an element that is often used in medicines to treat mood disorders.

Bluedot Protein Tea. We’ve been forecasting and watching the protein trend for years now. Combined with a rising interest in beverage innovations, these green and white teas feature whey protein isolate and inulin (a prebiotic fibre). Each flavour offers 12 g protein and 6 g fibre per 473 mL serving. The calories range from 60 to 140, depending on whether the drink is sweetened with stevia or cane sugar.

Baobab Smoothies. Touted as the new superfruit, baobab (pronounced “BEY-oh-bab”) is filled with antioxidants and vitamin C. It’s an African fruit that tastes like a blend of pineapple and melon, and was approved for European markets last year.  These smoothies are made with the Baobab fruit pulp and range from 140-160 calories with 6 grams fibre and 22 grams of sugar per 300 mL bottle.

Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend – Omega-3 and Fibre. “Baking is back,” says Stephen Kouri, VP Sales & Trade Marketing at Smuckers Foods of Canada Ltd. The company’s Nutri Flour blend includes a gluten-free offering as well as a new omega-3 and fibre blend (it’s made with whole wheat flour and flax seeds). We just think there’s definitely something comforting and relaxing about home baking, not to mention the satisfaction in posting your delectable creations on Instagram or Pinterest.

Masala Munch. Kurkure showcased their Masala Munch, a flavourful crunchy cheeto-like snack made with enriched cornmeal and chickpea meal. The snack is quite popular in India. A serving of 50 pieces packs in 300 calories and 19 g of fat though.

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