n4nn is a leading agency providing:

–Nutrition Communications & Brand Activations                                                          –Trends, Insights & Marketing Strategies    –Nutrition Presentations & Training          –Workplace Health & Wellness                      –Social Media Influencers & Media Ambassadors                                                      –Food Innovation & Menu Development    –Nutrient Analysis & Labelling

Our unique Nutrition for NON-Nutritionists™ course is specifically designed to help your business leverage the growing consumer interest in nutrition and healthy foods. Available in-person as part of your team’s professional development programs.

Since 2007, we’ve reached hundreds of food, grocery, beverage, PR, sales and marketing professionals across the globe to successfully unlock the potential of food and nutrition for YOUR business.          Work with us / Contact us. 



Lucia Weiler BSc., RD, PHEc
Owner, Nutrition for NON-Nutritionists
Weiler Nutrition Communications Inc.