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The ultimate nutrition course for NON-nutritionists!

Consumer interest in foods for health and wellness continues to rise. Leverage this growing demand. After 18 years of successfully facilitating our n4nn course in person, we are now offering this unique course for customized professional development.

Why Take This Course?

  • Build your knowledge of nutrition fundamentals
  • Get expert insights on nutrition trends
  • Discover the power of food and health for wellness
  • Maximize the success of your product innovations

 Who Should Take It

  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Agency Partners in Public Relations and Advertising
  • Professionals in the Food, Beverage & Grocery Industries
  • Product Development and Consumer Relations Representatives

 n4nn Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Welcome & Top 5 Food & Nutrition Trends
    • Discover the top trends that are driving product innovations and changing the way we eat
  • Module 2 – Nutrition Facts and Fiction
    • Take a deep dive into Calories, Fats & Cholesterol, Protein, Carbohydrates, Micronutrients and Water
  • Module 3 – Unlock the Power of Food for Health
    • Identify the impact of food on key health issues including heart health, malnutrition, gut health, bone/joint/muscle health, and allergies/intolerances
  • Module 4 – Healthy Eating Guidelines Around the World
    • Compare global guidelines and food staples in various cultures
  • Module 5 – Food Labels, Nutrition and Health Claims
    • Identify the key components of food labels and criteria for food claims

n4nn is a nutrition course in Canada developed by marketing savvy dietitians for food, beverage and product innovation professionals. In the course modules, you will gain in-depth nutrition knowledge and understanding of the power of food for health.

The in person (virtual or live) format allows for customized study with reflection questions and short quizzes to reinforce your learning. Each module is approximately 1 hour in length, professionally presented to your team by recognized dieticians. Take the full course or select only the modules of interest.

n4nn Course Fees – contact us for your professional development needs.

Course Facilitators

Registered Dietitian Lucia Weiler and her team are experienced, dynamic course facilitators with specialized training in adult education.  They offer their deep and diverse nutrition expertise and insights with an engaging teaching style. As a recognized leader and trailblazer in the profession, Lucia offered n4nn training to hundreds of food and beverage professionals around the globe. She worked with dozens of national and international clients to support product concept to commercialization to brand activation strategies and communication.  In this updated n4nn course, she brings together over 25 years of experience in food / nutrition marketing, regulatory affairs, strategy and communications.

How to Register

Contact us for your professional development needs.


A great course for anyone in consumer marketing with clients in the food/nutrition business.
-Sharon Rainey, Senior Public Relations Professional

I completed  the n4nn course [online] and was very pleasantly surprised. There were some great cross-cultural and human health based learnings. As someone who really enjoyed taking nutrition courses in University, it was great to take this course at the workplace and expand the nutrition knowledge I had.  -Sidra Mohammed, Associate Scientist

Great “inspired’ educational day….definitely worth the time away from the office.
-Dawn Ehler, Director, National Accounts, Foodservice, A. Lassonde Inc.

This course offers a comprehensive overview of both the essential basics and the contemporary issues in the world of nutrition. Sue & Lucia demonstrate a rich knowledge base so that they can address questions that are important to those attending, so that everyone feels the course caters to them.
-Anna Olson, Chef, Host of Fresh with Anna Olson on Food Network Canada

Join hundreds of your colleagues and competitors who have benefited from our unique n4nn training!


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