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CFIA Labelling Consultations

On October 22, we attended CFIA’s (Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s) Integrated Food Labelling / Regulatory Modernization Face-to-Face Session in Toronto. We learned more about the progress of ‘Safe Food For Canadians’ action plan, and contributed to identifying issues of importance for food and nutrition. The discussion focused on three initiatives, namely 1. Proposed Imported Food Sector Product Regulations, 2. Food Regulatory Modernization, and 3. Food Labelling Modernization.

  1. Proposed Imported Food Sector Product Regulations
    Food safety is a priority for regulators. Canadians already enjoy a world-class food safety system for food produced in Canada, however imports are received from over 190 countries many of whom have ‘safety systems in very formative stages of development’. CFIA wants to know who is making imported food and have the ability to trace them should a recall be needed. The proposed imported food sector product regulations would introduce food safety and licencing requirements for importers.
  2. Under Food Regulatory Modernization, CFIA will replace the 13 federal food inspection regulations including regulations for dairy, eggs, fresh fruit/veg, meat, fish etc. with a single set of food inspection regulations. The new risk-based approach to food puts the emphasis on outcome and will be less prescriptive of the process.  If you would like to add your perspectives to this important area of regulatory change, consultations are open until November 30th, 2013. Draft content for regulations is expected spring 2014.
  3. Food labelling is a shared responsibility at the federal level between Health Canada and the CFIA. Food Labelling Modernization objectives for CFIA include continuous improvement of partnership with Health Canada, and improved service delivery to industry needs around food labelling within its mandate.

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